"On the Origins of Star Scatterings"

An Artist Statement for Celestial Evolution


a burst of existence smaller than the point of a needle,

         condensed and massive,

         the universe was born and then grew,

                                                          and grew,

                                                                   and grew,


rapidly expanding, ripping apart piece by piece

            intertwined by its roots


spinning through the darkness

            illuminating the void


scattering star dust evolves

            hatching eggs, creating life.


on the edge of the abyss

            lingers the static of perception,


what is the interconnection of life and the stars,

            but the origins of their light?

                                 of their darkness?


cut through to the next

             and dissolve into the cycle—


transparent is the veil between worlds

             such as the water of the greatest depths


parallel and woven together by the web of space and time.


we are not isolated from the universe,

            we are scatterings of the universe


                                 becoming conscious of its own being