Greetings Faerie Friends!

My beginnings in the handmade community started while I was in art school getting my BFA in ceramics. Ceramics has such a rich historical background in the world of commodification considering everyone uses vessels in their daily lives. I find that most of them tend to be mass produced and therefore (usually) less special. I started Kelsey's Starstuff to allow my fine art work to have a magical place in some people's daily lives. 

I am inspired by existence and consciousness, by life, by death, by the soul/ spirit, by the in between, by the cycles that repeat throughout the universe, by astrophysics, by a star's life cycle (and how it is similar to a butterfly's), by poetry, by the mysterious and the unknown, by the curious-- ultimately, I am inspired by the nature of the universe we find ourselves alive and aware within. I hope the customers who bring home a piece of my starstuff feel a sense of wonder, awe, and curiosity when observing and using my pottery. 

Kelsey's Starstuff was started in 2016 to make it possible for anyone to have a piece of the universe to use and inspire them in their home. 


 About Kelsey;

Clay Faerie

Cottage Witch




Mama to Newton

Magical Home Keeper


Wife to Derek aka "Magic Man"

Tea Enthusiast